This seven-session Keeping Marriages Healthy Online Workshop is the perfect event for you and your partner to do together to grow in connection and intimacy. You will hear from several presenters, as they tell their stories, experiences, and wisdom learned over the years. There will be many opportunities for you and your partner to share stories together, celebrate with one another, and comfort each other through the difficult moments of life. We are confident this will be a deeply impactful experience for you both.

Relational Needs Assesment

We are "hard-wired" to connect, but we don't always know how. That's why we provide resources for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship skills.


Hope is yearning for something possible that is not yet certain. We know the COVID-19 crisis, social and political tensions, plus many other stressors leave us facing turbulent times. Where do we find hope? How do we preserve and protect our emotional health? This course is designed to provide practical tools to cultivate hope, peace, and well-being. Hope is a choice you can make. This course shows you how!


Faith, the gift that brought you to Jesus, was intended for growth and success. Peter teaches us that faith grows by the means of seven supplements. As you apply each supplement in your walk of faith, you will find courage and confidence to face life’s difficulties with a mentally and spiritually healthy outlook.